Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This and that

So, for quite a while now I've debated on actually using this blog. Most of the time I figure it's just one more thing to do, so I don't do anything. A friend of mine asked me about my blog today and I was kinda embarassed because I haven't posted anything in AGES. So maybe I'll try to be better.

Things really are crazy around here though, and not enough time is almost a valid excuse. In January I was called to be the Primary President. I seriously giggled when they asked. I was completely caught off guard with that one. Mainly because I realy (and I do mean REALLY) dislike being in charge. I'd much rather be a sheep than a shepherd. Oh well, someone must want to change a weakness into a strength. I have awesome coulselors and a great secretary who help keep me in line though, so I'm learning and growing, albeit slowly.

I'm also getting more and more involved with the PTO. If I'm not careful I might actually become more than just a member. This year we have a tired and work out (and pregnant and awesome) PTO president, but no VP, treasurer or secretary. We're trying to recruit more people, but in a community that doesn't like to get involved, who knows what will happen.

And on top of it all, I am still doing a small craft business out of my home. Nothing official or anything, but it keeps me busy. I actually have my things in a small antiques/craft shop in Kimberly called the Laughind Daisy. Well, my stuff was there. I took it all out for a craft show and haven't gotten my inventory back to her yet. Oops. And if you're wondering what I do, the answe is ANYTHING! I have friends who find projects they think I could do, or I run across a blog that has great ideas, or I see something in a craft show, and I always think, "Wow, I could make that for a whole lot less." So I do! I do not, however, do plastic canvas, or cross stitch. But I dabble in pretty much anything else. It's always nice to have an outlet to get rid of all my experaments though. And my girls love it! They always get new hair things, or items of clothes. My next project is to make twirly skirts out of bandanas and a T shirt. I'll have to post pictures.

So anyway, that's a quick overview of how insane my life is right now. Kids, church, crafts, cooking and cleaning.